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Satyam Hair Transplant Barwala

Hair loss problem is spreading in both men and women with different degree of severity.  This problem not only lead to bald patches but also dent self esteem and outer look of person and forces him to look older than age.

Worried patients due to baldness seek for the easy solution that can restore their younger look, confidence and hair with natural appearance. For such patients hair transplant remain the first priority to restore their hair due to life changing results of this treatment

Why Hair transplant?

Hair transplantation is the surgical procedure in which patient’s healthy follicles are extracted from the back head and transplanted in the bald portions as per requirement.

This is most preferred treatment due to following reasons

  • Hair transplant in Barwala restore the hair with natural appearance for lifetime
  • It is the safe treatment without any fear of side effects and complications
  • Patients can get scar free treatment so the patients can get undetectable hair that are hard to distinguish even for the hair stylist
  • After surgery patients can get hair that can be cut, colored and shaved according to wish
  • Transplantation surgery is done under local anesthesia so patient can have painless and comfortable surgery.



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