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Hair Transplant in BHIWANI

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Hair Transplant in BHIWANI

Hair transplantation is the advanced procedure that can root out the problem of baldness for permanent basis.  Advancements in the field of hair restoration have made it possible for the patients to get back their crown glory.

Hair Transplant Process

It is surgical procedure in which DHT resistant hair follicles are selected and extracted from the most fertile part of the scalp and cultivated in the areas with less or no hair. This entire process is done under the local anesthesia for completely painless surgery.

Methods for Hair Transplant

Basically hair transplant in Bhiwani is done with the two methods as follows

Follicular Unit Transplant method (FUT)

It is traditional method, being used for restoration of hair. In this method strip of hair bearing skin is extracted from the donor area of scalp which generally lie back head or near to neck. Then this strip of loss resistant follicles is dissected in the small grouping of 1-4 hairs and then transplanted in the bald areas according to required density. This method leaves the linear scar after extraction due to strip removal

Follicular Unit Extraction method (FUE)

It is the advanced method in which instead of removing strip, individual hair follicles are extracted from the donor part and cultivated in the bald areas. This method leaves only pit scars resulted from the tiny holes left after removal of hair follicles.


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