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Hair Transplant in Faridabad

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Hair Transplant in Faridabad

Contributions of the medical science have made it possible for the patients to get back their hair even after severe hair loss. Hair transplantation is the revolutionary way to get fuller, denser head of hair. In this surgical method healthy hair follicles are shifted from the one part of scalp to other part for to cover the bald portions to let them grow for entire life with retained properties

This procedure can be done with two methods

FUT method

Follicular unit Transplant method is the traditional method in which strip of follicles is removed from the back head and dissected in the natural grouping of 1-4 hairs. Small groupings of hair are cultivated according to required density in the bald portions.

FUE method

Follicular unit extraction method is the recent procedure used for covering the thinning and bald areas of both men and women. In this method individual hair follicles are picked on the basis of their loss resistant properties and then with the help of micro punch separated from the tissues without damaging them.

Then the follicles are directly transplanted in the recipient part of the patient carefully at correct angle, distance and direction so that new hair look similar to the natural hair and patient can have undistinguishable results of hair transplant in Faridabad.


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