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Satyam FUE is the non- invasive procedure used for permanent hair restoration. We are the first choice of people that are looking for FUE Hair Transplant in Fridkot.  Our world best precision tools make our success ratio to reach at 100% for FUE surgery.

Satyam FUE process

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) surgery is done in the 4 easy steps

Donor Area Selection and Preparation

In the initial consultation depth and digital scalp analysis has been done by the specialized surgeon. According to the requirement and density of available hair follicles, one permanent zone is selected from the patient scalp in which loss resistant follicles are present in sufficient quantity. Donor area is shaved and local anesthesia is applied for numbness of scalp.

Harvesting Hair Follicles

With the precision tools like micro punches having diameter less than 1 mm are used to pick and removing the hair follicles individually from the selected donor area generally at the back head or near to neck.

Preparation of Recipient Area

Bald areas are prepared by applying the local anesthesia for painless procedure and then small incisions are made at correct angle and direction to give natural looking hair.


One by one hair follicles are transplanted in the small incisions according to required density of hair. After one day of surgery patients are asked to visit center for hygienic hair wash. Patient can get back to his work after 1-2 days without difficulty

Satyam FUE benefits

  • Sterilized and precision tools
  • World proven innovative techniques
  • Safest and optimized results
  • Cheap FUE Hair Transplant cost in Fridkot


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