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Satyam is known for its world best treatment all over the world. FUE treatment offered at satyam id the best option for those that are seeking for permanent solution for their baldness.

Hair being valuable asset for person we provide hair treatment with proper care and attention so that we can attain our prime goal of providing utmost satisfaction to the patients. FUE procedure is the revolutionary solution for the permanent correctness of the thinning top. Our best surgeons are efficient in using top notched techniques for FUE hair Transplant in Fazilka.

Satyam FUE procedure

Follicular unit extraction method is the advanced procedure for hair restoration. In this surgical procedure our world best team of specialized surgeons picks best and loss resistant hair follicles from the back head called donor area.

Patient’s own hair follicles are chosen and harvested with the micro  punches having diameter less than 1 mm. entire surgery is done under the local anesthesia so that patient can have comfortable and painless surgery.

After successful and complete harvesting of follicles patient’s recipient area is prepared and one by one harvested follicles are transplanted according to the requirement. Transplanted follicles are cultivated at the correct distance, direction and angle as per existing hair for providing natural look.

Why Satyam

We here consider each issue of hair problem and provide the best customized treatment. Our world proven innovative techniques enable us to provide the natural, safest and optimized results. Our policy of less FUE hair transplant cost in Fazilka without compromising quality make this treatment fit to budget of everyone.


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