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Satyam Hair Transplant in Phillaur

With the passage of time, hair transplantation is becoming more popular because of its permanent, undetectable and natural results. It is surgical procedure used to cure baldness and to fill up confidence in the patients that get vanish due to hair loss problem.


    What is procedure?

    Basically hair surgery is the relocation of hair follicles from the donor part of scalp to bald part. This is simple and result oriented procedure that can be completed in following 6 steps

    1. Consulting the experts

    If you have detected the thing top then you must act wisely by consulting the experts for curing it. Only the expert surgeon can help you out for demolishing the curse of hair loss problem. While selecting the center for consultation you must collect some information related to past results, patents, experience, surgeon and even success stories so that you could get the best hair transplant in Phillaur.

    1. Diagnosis

    Experts ask for images of your scalp, prior information related to hair loss and even medical history. Then complete diagnosis of each hair issue is done carefully as the feasibility of results highly depends on the correctness of the scalp analysis before surgery.

    1. Selection of method for treatment

    On the basis of analysis, age and expectations of the patient method for the surgery is selected from FUT and FUE. Both the methods are effective but results may vary patient to patient as the process for both methods is different.

    In follicular unit transplant strip of hair follicles is extracted and in follicular unit extraction method individual hair follicles are extracted.

    1. Selection of donor area

    Even along with the selection of method of hair transplant donor area is also selected as correct selection can add to long life of transplanted hair. Generally donor area is selected from back head or near the neck as these areas are loss resistant and having dense hair. For transplantation healthy follicles must be chosen so that permanent solution can be given to patient.

    1. Surgical day

    This is procedure of 3-4 hours on aver5age basis so in single day patient can get hair treatment. In the morning patient is asked to visit SHTC and even asked to wear lose or comfortable clothes during surgery. Even in the morning patient is boosted up and prepared mentally for the entire procedure.

    After some documentation patient is sent to OT for treatment. Under local anesthesia patient’s hair follicles are extracted according to prior selected method and then without causing damage to original tissues these are harvested to bald areas.

    This method is scar free due to advanced techniques even due to numbness caused by anesthesia patient does not feel pain and discomfort. After few hours of surgery patient can go home.

    1. After surgery care

    After the surgery few instructions are given to patient written and oral by our expert surgeon and even next day hygienic hair wash is also provided.

    But still some redness and swelling can be there after surgery but it is normal and gets healed after 2-3 days. Even within week patient can get back to his routine work.

    For few weeks patient is asked not to have exposure of sun or heat and after few days patient can wash his hair with regular shampoo and can enjoy lifetime natural hair at reasonable cost.

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