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Hair Transplant Revision

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Hair Transplant Revision

Hair transplant procedures are highly expertise techniques and when performed by novice surgeons, it is hard to live with the results. Some patients may be unaware that the procedure was poorly done except when the results are extremely poor.


    What is a hair transplant Revision?

    It is a procedure to correct the poor results and mistakes that the previous surgeon caused in a patient’s scalp. To have a good revision procedure, it requires one to find the right expert who is good at perfectionism.

    Causes of the poor results in hair transplant procedures

    • Visible and large scars

    This is common in any hair transplant procedure used, especially FUT.  The visibility of the scars may happen if the punches are too close to each other, acute hair angles, poor punching, and oval shaped incisions. FUE is known for creating dot-like scars, but inexperienced surgeons can create a number of mistakes that may the scars visible

    • Over-extraction of hair follicles

    A surgeon dictates the number of hair follicles required for a hair transplant procedure. The capacity of hair extraction widely differs from one patient to another. The fact that there is a need to fill the largely affected area should not be the consideration for over harvesting. A normal harvesting procedure must be done to avoid mistakes.

    Before a Revision Hair Transplant Procedure

    A revision is meant to make the scalp perfect and so, an experienced technician must be consulted. The first step begins with detecting what went wrong and how to avoid the same mistakes again.

    A thorough examination of the scalp must be done and then a correction procedure follows.


    Where a Revision Procedure is necessary

    1. Unnatural looking results, especially in the temple region
    2. Poor growth of implanted hair follicles
    3. Overloading of the Frontline
    4. Largely visible scars, especially in FUT
    5. Cases where hair is growing in a poor direction
    6. A poor-looking head due to large size punches
    7. Placing of 2s or 3s in the first hairline


    Revisions in hair transplant procedures

    A Revision Hair Transplant in India can be performed by a surgeon after a previous FUE or FUT. Many patients may go in for FUE after the FUT procedure went totally wrong and there is need to cover the visible linear scar. A specialist will always tell the patients about the possible outcomes because some hair transplant procedures could have badly affected the patient

    Body hair transplant can be done to collect more hair grafts for the procedure. IT is very important that a surgeon fixes the hair harvested from the other body parts in the right way maintaining the direction because this is the source of unnatural looking results.

    With FUE, more revision procedures are possible than in the FUT procedure since it leaves a linear scar on the scalp.

    Having a Hair transplant in India from a trusted hair transplant clinic can save a patient from dealing with revision hair procedures in future.


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