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Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair is the matter for concern for men and women both equally as it can make difference to their look and self esteem. People like their natural crowning glory so hair loss due to any reason like prolonged medical problem, genetic reason, hormonal problem, prolonged stress, can disturb them emotionally, socially and mentally too.

Fortunately, now it is possible to regain the younger and appealing look by restoring hair naturally and permanently with hair transplant procedure. Hair transplant is the aesthetic and most followed procedure to get the lifetime and safe results.

Our team of hair transplant experts is dedicated and determined to give most feasible results with the utmost satisfaction of patients which is received after meeting their expectations about their looks.

Our team is dedicated to bring 98.99% results for our patients.


    What is the basic Principle of hair transplant?

    Basic principle of hair transplant is that hair follicles that are extracted from the Donor Area can grow naturally for lifetime after their shifting to the Recipient Area

    donor and recipient area

    Donor Area

    Donor area is also called the permanent zone of scalp. It is the area in which loss resistant and most active follicles are present with sufficient density. Generally back head and area near to neck is considered as donor area from hair follicles are extracted.

    Recipient Area

    It is the area with no hair or less hair. It is loss affected area of the scalp that needs to be cover with required count of hair follicles with retained quality of loss resistance. Length and position of this area differ in different patients depending upon reason and extent of hair loss. Generally in males recipient area is the crown area in pattern hair loss.

    Types of hair transplant?

    fue hair transplant icon

    FUE Hair Transplant

    It is advanced method suitable for most of the hair loss patients. In this Follicular Unit Extraction hair follicles are individually selected and harvested from the wide spread donor area near to neck. It is result oriented and scar free method used for hair restoration and has quick healing after surgery.

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    fut hair transplant icon

    FUT Hair Transplant

    Follicular unit transplant is the traditional method in which hair grafts are extracted in grouping means in the form of strip from the back head. Strip of hair bear skin is dissected into natural grouping of hair and then these loss resistant grafts are transplanted in the recipient area according to requirement.

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    free consultation icon

    1. Free Consultation

    Patient can discuss beforehand with the experts about his hair loss problem, expectations, medical history to get the best advice for treatment.

    Selection of Donor Area icon

    2. Selection of Donor Area

    In the digital scalp analysis hair follicles are examined to select the permanent zone for the extraction of best quality and loss resistant hair follicles.

    Preparation of Donor Area icon

    3. Preparation of Donor Area

    Donor area is washed with antibiotics to prevent infection and local anesthesia is applied to area to cause numbness in this zone.

    Extraction of Hair Follicles icon

    4. Extraction of Hair Follicles

    Hair follicles are harvested from the donor part carefully without damaging to the surrounding tissue and scalp in order to keep lock the quality and properties of donor follicles and reduce the scars.

    Preparation of Recipient Area icon

    5. Preparation of Recipient Area

    Recipient area is made ready for transplantation after applying the local anesthesia so that patient can have comfortable and painless surgery.

    Making Incisions icon

    6. Making Incisions

    Tiny incisions are made in the bald areas in the irregular pattern that mimic the pattern of existing hair.

    Transplantation icon

    7. Transplantation

    Grafts are placed into the small incisions carefully at proper angle and direction so that hair after growth looks natural and similar to the existing hair.

    Winding Up Surgery icon

    8. Winding Up Surgery

    Surgery get over with the transplantation process and patient is asked to stay for some time in center and then can get back to home on the same day without any difficulty.

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