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Lip Correction Treatment and Cost in India

A Lip Correction is a procedure aimed at improving the physical appearance of the lips. In case the lips are too small, they can be made bigger to match the person’s requirements and in case they are big, they can be made smaller. As the title goes “Lip Correction” it is the process of putting things right concerning the lips.

Men and women undergo Lip Correction procedures all over the world. It accommodates different people since there are surgical and nonsurgical lip correction procedures. Cases, where the lower lip is smaller than the upper, are many or vice versa, all these are corrected in what we call Lip Augmentation.



    • Anyone can go in for a lip surgery and it is a requirement that one must be healthy
    • One can also use nonsurgical methods


    Before the surgery

    • During consultation periods, the surgeon will make a general observation of your lips. He will consider the speaking and smiling capabilities.
    • Your personal desires must be well explained to the doctor and then an evaluation follows.


    The surgery

    • It is an outpatient procedure
    • Local or general anesthesia is administered to a patient
    • A horizontal incision on the inner side of the lip is made
    • Fat and tissue is then removed, after which sutures are made.


    Recovery period and postoperative care

    • Sleep with your face up to avoid disturbing the swelling. Painkillers can be given to a patient to in case of pain.
    • Rest is a must
    • Ice bags can be placed on the swelling
    • Recovery normally takes eight to eleven days.
    • The scar will reduce as time goes on
    • Bigger results will appear after two months in case Lip Correction treatment in India is perfectly followed

    Nonsurgical lip correction

    In this case, injections are used to enhance the appearance of the lips depending on what the patient desires. Lip augmentation helps patients acquire a fuller lip. Normally, dermal fillers are injected into the lips. It is common in Lip augmentation

    Hyaluronic acid is a common substance used in fillers since it helps to increase the size or the volume of the lips. The market is also full of hyaluronic acid fillers that anyone can use if at all a surgery is not preferred.

    Results are seen within six months and a patient needs to get these injections as the doctor may recommend for maintaining the volume and the shape

    Advantages of these fillers

    • No bruising, scarring, and swelling
    • One can continue with her regular duties
    • Long-lasting results

    The Cost

    Lip Correction Cost in India depends on the type of technique you take up. A surgical procedure may begin from $ 1500 to $ 3500. After surgery treatment is not included in the above-mentioned cost.

    Which technique to go for?

    Anyone who needs lip correction must meet a doctor first for consultation

    The doctor can help you pick the right procedure.


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