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Liposuction Introduction

Liposuction is a special type of cosmetic treatment to remove fat from the different body parts such as abdomen, thighs, neck, chin, arms backs, calves and others. A hollow apparatus, cannula is inserted into the skin that sucks the extra fat. It is not a fully weight loss technique but a cosmetic procedure that is significant to discard fat deposits in the specific areas of body.


    How Ultrasonic liposuction is performed

    The procedure is conducted as an outpatient method in a fully equipped surgical room. Local anesthesia is given to patient and sedative may or may not be used.

    • Ultrasound is used to liquefy the fat by which it becomes easier to discard the unnecessary fat particularly from upper abdomen, sides and back.
    • After the treatment, the processed body areas are completely covered to prevent swelling, bruising and aching.
    • Antibiotics are given to prevent any kind of infection.
    • After the treatment is performed, patients can get up and move easily as soon as an effect of anesthesia is faded off.

    After Treatment Effects

    An enhancement in body contour is significant subsequent the surgery. Enhancement in swelling occurs within a few weeks. The complete effects of liposuciton are not visible for a couple of months to a year. Liposuction doesnt result int skin tightening on the target area. Skin may become loose slighltly and tightens within six monhs. In case of elastic skin, it retracts faster than other types of skin.

    Why choose satyam centre for liposuction  Centre In India ?

    1. Advanced cosmetic surgery center
    2. Top body sculpting specialists
    3. Artistic consultants and latest technologies to make your feel beautiful
    4. You meet the surgeons personally and know about their skills and specialization
    5. Perfectly fat removal and specialization in this field
    6. Superior shape and definition for customers

    We know that a good body feeling is crucial and we trust that your belief and self-esteem are important for you. We understand your requirements and help you achieve the desired shape. Clients are welcome from the different parts of the country. Individuals are treated with high worth and we offer equal courtesy to all of our clients.

    Advantages of Liposuction

    1. Reshape specific body parts not just to reduce bodyweight
    2. Good for areas on which diet and exercise do not work such as thighs and hips in females and waist and back in males.
    3. It can be together used with tummy tuck, breast reduction or face lift.
    4. Treatment of benign fat tumors
    5. Treatment of extensively large male breasts

    Risks and complications associated with Liposuction

    A person choosing liposuction should be ready to expereince any kind of complication. Wound care and antibiotic treatment are essentially given to prevent the risk of complication such as blood clots, puncture wounds in organs and sensation variations.  

    1. Short term swelling, bruising, soreness, numbness
    2. Irritation and nominal scarring and incision sites
    3. Baggy or rippling skin
    4. Long lasting color variations in skin
    5. Non-uniform skin surface
    6. Damage to the nerves and skin
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