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Male Genital Surgery and Cost in India

The male genitalia is at times faced with many problems ranging from functioning to physical appearance. The problems cause psychological and emotional distress. To correct the issues that may at times be deformities, the esthetic surgical method is used.



    What is male genital surgery?

    It is a method of increasing the girth or the length of the male reproductive organ. Procedures that run in this technique are; penile widening, penis enlargement, and lengthening.


    Before undergoing male genital enhancement

    1. One must consult an expert and must choose the clinic wisely
    2. Good physical health
    3. There must be a genuine reason for having a penis enhancement
    4. A surgeon must carry out a physical examination


    The main penis enhancement procedures

    1. Enhancing or increasing the Girth

    The surgeon normally uses the Allograft technique where tissue is used to increase the size of the penis. Cadaver flesh or silicon is used to widen the penis. In the past, fat injections were used to bring about the changes, but there would be low results that lasted for a short time

    1. Increasing the length

    It is where a penis is elongated and requires the surgeon to cut the sensory ligament and impose weight on it. This makes puts out the penile shaft. Devices that are noninvasive are available for patients who need to increase their penile length. One has to wear them for approximately five hours a day for six months. They increase the length to 2.8cm

    1. Hidden Penis

    This is where a penis is concealed within the skin. It can be due to abnormal growth, obesity or due to aging.

    Advantages of Penile enlargement

    • It improves sex performance
    • Corrects deformities
    • Better functioning of the penis
    • Increases sexual satisfaction
    • Helps one regain self-esteem
    • Helps reduce premature ejaculation

    Complications and risks

    • Infections
    • Bleeding
    • Loss of feelings
    • Side effects from the implants in case used



    Penis enlargement or enhancement is major surgery and requires one to find an expert in order to avoid the risks and complications. One must understand the pros and cons before undergoing the surgery. Male Genital surgery in India is becoming common, but few surgeons are really experienced and well-trained to operate on an individual.

    The recovery period depends on the type of surgery undergone

    Take postoperative care and treatment seriously

    Call your doctor in case of increased swelling, bleeding and pain.

    The cost

    Male Genital Surgery Cost in India is considered the fairest among many countries. The cost ranges from RS.70, 000 to 1 lakh. Considerations for the type of surgery, surgeon, clinic and treatment have to be made

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