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Mesotherapy Treatment

Mesotherapy treatment is commonly used in the cosmetic procedures and recently, it is used also in the hair restoration procedures. The treatment is injected into the fatty layers under the skin to reduce the fat in those areas, for example, the cellulite. The treatment is a mixture of different medications.


    Mesotherapy in Hair Transplant procedures

    It is a treatment that can be used by men and women. It is a nonsurgical procedure where a Mesotherapy injection is given directly into the patient’s scalp for regrowth of hair. It is used to treat male pattern baldness a type of baldness common in men today.

    Hair loss in men and women

    Studies show that the rate of hair loss (alopecia) in men and women increases each year. The major cause is the lifestyle that is stressful and hectic at times. Some cases of smoking, poor diet, genetic factors and environmental conditions are leading to hair loss problems in men and women.


    When is Mesotherapy used in hair transplant procedures?

    • In case of baldness
    • Persistent hair fall
    • Thinning of hair

    The effective and right use of Mesotherapy can be communicated to the patient by the hair surgeon or a dermatologist.


    Mesotherapy treatment

    Different procedures are used in the preparation of Mesotherapy treatment. These include Mesohair and Mesoplasty.

    Injections are used to administer the treatment into the thinning region. The process is painless

    One is advised to eat a proper diet including plenty of fruits to provide a proper circulation of blood in the affected region. This increases hair growth in the affected area and cell healing

    The treatment will reduce the DHT hormone, hence promoting hair growth on the scalp

    The patient may need more Mesotherapy treatments that in the period of five months to see viable results.

    Who goes in for Mesotherapy treatment?

    After consultation, a surgeon will tell a patient whether he is suitable for it or not, but both men and women are candidates for this treatment

    Mesotherapy treatment in India has produced many desirable results to patients, which has reduced the need for a hair surgery.

    Hair Transplant in India is provided at the clinics with the help of experts who examine the patient and devise the right procedure. Any step to fight hair loss can be taken with the help of the specialist in the hair transplant sector in India.

    Side effects

    1. Bruising
    2. A little pain after the injection


    The cost

    The cost of Mesotherapy treatment in India requires microinjections to be administered to a patient and so the treatment may vary from Rs.15, 000 to 50,000. This also depends on the surgeon visited for the treatment.


    Results after Mesotherapy treatment

    • Results can completely be witnessed after seven months and depending on how effective the treatment was.
    • There is more hair on the scalp
    • The surgeon must follow the surgeon’s advice in order to have the desired results
    • Choose the best clinic to avoid wastage of money and time


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