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Normal Hair Growth Cycle

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Each hair grows through its follicle or called root that underlies the skin. Hairs receive the essential nourishment through blood vessels connected with their roots. A hair life consists of different stages such as:

  1. Anagen- It lasts for 2 – 7 years that specifies the length of hair
  2. Catagen – It lasts for 10 days during which hair follicle contracts and disconnects from dermal paplila
  3. Telogen- It lasts for only 3 months consisting of 10 to 15% hairs. It is a type of resting phase, when old hair rest, new hair get into their growth stage
  4. Exogen- Exogen shows stage extending from when a resting hair approaches to terminal position in the follicle to its disconnection from the scalp. The resting hair looses significantly and ultimately falls down.

Each hair goes through these stages throughout their life. Hair shedding becomes vigorous when hairs quickly enter into the resting stage it results into significant thin hair lining that drops at the high pace.

With the passage of time, an extent of anagen stage reduces due to which hair becomes weak and thinner gradually. Therefore it is essential to take care of your diet and include essential nutrients to receive healthy hair growth.



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