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Nose Correction (Rhinoplasty) and Cost in India

Enhancing the way you feel about your general appearance at times comes at a cost. The facial appearance of someone must be its best and that is why cosmetic surgeries are the leading procedures performed in the developed countries and in countries like India. Rhinoplasty is a procedure where a surgeon alters the physical appearance of the nose of a patient. It can be reshaped in order to match a person’s desires or correct a deformity.

Other cases like accidents or difficulty in breathing can bring about a nose correction procedure



    Rhinoplasty today

    You can also call it a nose job, but is the commonest procedure performed on thousands of celebrities and non-celebrities. This procedure is performed on those with a large or big nose, too sharp, too small or too long. It can totally make a person look more beautiful once performed by an expert


    • Anyone who is not satisfied with the appearance of his or her nose can go in for a nose job
    • One must have a good general health
    • One willing to manage the risks, complications and postoperative care and treatment
    • In case of breathing difficulties
    • In case of a past accident or nose injury

    The procedure of a nose job

    • There are surgical and nonsurgical procedures.
    • The nonsurgical procedures can even be performed at home
    • For the case of a surgery, it is performed under a general anesthesia.
    • The surgery is conducted according to the requirement of a patient. In this;
    • Rhinotip involves the altering of the nostrils and the tip of the nose
    • Rhinoplasty for trimming involves making the nose smaller. It requires a surgeon to remove some bone and cartilage plus altering the nostrils
    • Septorhinoplasty involves altering the inner septum and the outside appearance of the nose
    • In open rhinoplasty, a surgeon may create incisions between the nostrils
    • In Rhinoplasty the incisions are made on the inside of the nose
    • The incisions are stitched after the procedure

    After the surgery

    • One may have to stay at the clinic for an overnight
    • Bruises and swelling must be expected after the surgery, but the painkillers are provided
    • A bandage will be placed in the nostrils which means that you have to use your mouth for breathing for some time
    • The recovery period depends on the type of the surgery performed and it also differs from one patient to another
    • Within two weeks, one will be completely fine but has to wait for some more months for the nose to regain its new shape
    • Nose correction treatment in India can help prevent the risks and complications in cosmetic surgeries

    The Cost of Nose Correction

    The nose correction cost in India goes from RS 25,000 and upwards. The clinic, type of surgery and the surgeon also matters in the cost calculation plus the postoperative treatment.

    Nonsurgical procedures are automatically cheaper than the surgeries.


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