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The face is the leading, identifying factor for any person. The way you look speaks a lot about you and possibly your hygiene. The changes in the face can’t be forecasted, but at least, they can be prevented as long as we take proper measures. Pigmentation is one of the stressful events that many people, especially women have to deal with in their normal life. At least each woman has to deal with this factor once in her life


    What is Pigmentation?

    Pigmentation is a biological name that means coloring. Our bodies produce a substance called Melanin that gives each of us the normal skin color. Melanin is produced by Melanocytes cells and in case these cells are affected or unhealthy, hyperpigmentation occurs.

    How to realize this factor

    The face especially, will have dark spots or patches that will bring about uneven skin color. Some areas will be brown while others will be dark or yellow. Some others may suffer from aging spots, birthmarks and dot marks which are all hyperpigmentation cases.

    The causes of hyperpigmentation

    They vary in women and it can be one or two causes in a person

    • Genetic causes: Hyperpigmentation may run in families which brings another offspring to have the same
    • Excessive expose to the sun: Some people have weaker and delicate skins and exposure to the sun may damage the Melanocytes hence causing hyperpigmentation
    • Hormonal Changes: This may be due to pregnancy, menopause, and others
    • Acne Vulgaris: This is due to severe pimples that leave dark marks and spots on our faces
    • Allergies or effects from certain drugs: Some people may be allergic to certain medications


    Types of Hyperpigmentation

    1. Melasma

    This type of hyperpigmentation is due to hormonal changes. It may appear after delivery, during pregnancy, use of birth control pills, and in menopause. It normally attacks the cheeks, forehead, the upper lip, and the nose.

    1. Freckles and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation

    This type commonly occurs in light-skinned people and it is due to the higher levels of melanin. They normally appear in the regions exposed to the sun, for example, the chest, forehead, arms, face, and shoulders.


    Hyperpigmentation Treatment in India

    The first step is always to see a dermatologist to determine the type of Hyperpigmentation a person has. Pigmentation Treatment in India can be performed by the following procedures;

    • Chemical peels
    • Sunscreens
    • Pixel Laser Treatment
    • Hormones medications
    • Light-based treatments

    The cost of Pigmentation

    Pigmentation Treatment cost in India is estimated to start from Rs.3000 to Rs. 26,000 per session. Other determinants include;

    1. The clinic and the dermatologist
    2. The type of hyperpigmentation to treat
    3. The treatment to be used
    4. The sessions to take up

    Managing Hyperpigmentation at home

    • Protect yourself from the sun
    • Take much water as possible to keep the skin hydrated and release toxins
    • Always consult a dermatologist in case all the simple treatments fail to work
    • Creams or lotions can help you overcome the problem
    • Use sunscreen every single day you must get out
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