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Satyam Hair Transplant Nepal

Hair transplant surgery involves the shifting of hair follicles from the area with lot of hair to the area with no hair or thinning hair. This procedure helps the people to restore their natural look.


It is the surgical procedure in which Satyam hair specialists do the deep scalp analysis to evaluate the extent or reason for the hair loss so that they can reach to the root of problem and can frame the treatment procedure accordingly.

In the initial consultation along with the depth digital analysis health, age or medical history of the patient is also examined to decide for their ideal candidacy of the patient.

After that Dr. K. K. Arora chooses the healthy and loss resistant hair follicles to determine the donor area for the shifting of hair follicles. On the basis of quality follicles are selected from the most fertile part of scalp.

On the surgical day, patient is motivated and boosted for the surgical procedure so that his nervousness for surgery is burst out (if any)Then local anesthesia is given to the patient so that he can have painless and comfortable treatment.

Then with the magnificent tools hair follicles are extracted from the pre determined donor part of the head. Then hair specialists store the hair follicles in the hydrated solution so that qualities of the follicles can be retained for the time gap between extraction and transplantation.

According to the requirement of patient Dr. Arora designs the bald scalp portions in the slits and the according to the required density hair follicles are  cultivated in the small incisions at the correct angle, depth and distance for restoring the natural look for life time

After the entire procedure patients are given important instructions for post surgical care and discharged to go home.


    After Surgery

    For 2-3 days patients can feel soreness redness in the scalp but it gets vanish automatically.

    After 2-3 months of the surgery patient can notice the growth of new hairs but after one year of HAIR TRANSPLANT IN NEPAL patient can witness the actual results of dense, natural undetectable hair for rest of life.


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