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Satyam Hair Transplant UAE

Hair is valuable asset for a person as it adds four folds to personality of person and self esteem so loss of this asset can disturb anyone. With the increase in hair loss problem among the people methods for restoring hair are also getting popular hair transplant is one of them

What Is Hair Transplant?

It is the revolutionary surgical procedure for hair restoration in which healthy and loss resistant hair follicles are taken out and transplanted in the required bald portions. This method gives permanent relief from the baldness problem with natural look.

Who Are Candidates?

This procedure is suitable for all but still surgeons considers the candidates for hair transplant surgery on the basis of following facts

  • Person for this surgery must have good health
  • Candidates are considered good for surgery if they have sufficient hair follicles for harvesting and transplantation in bald parts
  • Persons with the sufficient laxity of scalp are considered for hair transplant
  • Person should have stabilized hair loss rather than progressive


    Why Hair Transplant?

    Basic aim of hair transplantation is helping the individual to restore the lost hair. other aims for hair transplant in Dubai are like

    • Restore fuller and thicker head
    • For ensuring permanent hair restoration
    • Safe and natural hair after treatment

    Procedure And Methods For Hair Transplant

    In the transplantation surgery initially the donor area of the scalp is chosen on the basis of the choice of loss resistant follicles that can retain their properties even after the transplantation. On the surgical day local anesthesia is given to the patient for complete numbness to the scalp to give painless and comfortable treatment to patient.

    Then as per the method chosen for hair transplantation, hair follicles are cultivated according to desired density and look of patient.

    UAE hair transplantation is mainly done with two methods

    FUT method

    FUT method in which strip of healthy and loss resistant hair follicles is removed from the back head called the donor area and then transplanted in the bald portions. This surgery leaves the linear scars in the donor area of the scalp.

    FUE method

    This is the advanced method in which rather than the removal of strip individual hair follicles are harvested from the most fertile area of scalp and then these follicles are transplanted in the bald areas at correct depth, angle and distance to give the appropriate natural look to person. This modern method does not leaves the linear scars in the donor part of head.

    Satyam Hair Transplant Results

    After surgery patient may feel redness and swelling in the scalp but it gets vanish in 2-3 days and patient can resume his regular activities.
    In 3-4 months candidates can have noticeable results of surgery with growth of new hair that look natural and dense
    After 9-10 months patient can have complete results with undetectable healthy hair that are even difficult to distinguish for your hair stylist.

    If you are seeking for hair transplant in Australia then SHTC is the ideal destination for you as our results are most reliable, safe and natural.

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