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Stem Cell Therapy

With the various efforts performed to stop hair loss in men and women, different surgical and nonsurgical techniques have been introduced. Researchers have discovered that surgical procedures are effective in eliminating hair loss, but few patients can afford them. Nonsurgical treatments available are a hope for many patients who are affected by hair loss. One of the leading methods is Stem Cell Therapy that helps in treating hair loss



    What is Stem Cell Therapy?

    Our bodies are comprised of cells in the blood and are able to divide wear out and grow again. Each cell can reproduce another cell that keeps the process continuous. So, Stem Cell Therapy is a treatment that is used by dermatologists and hair surgeons to stop hair loss and increase the re-growth of hair on the scalp.  The procedure stimulates hair follicles and ensures further multiplication of the cells to see that more hair grows


    Steps in Stem Cell Therapy

    The procedure is easy to be performed and requires a short period of time

    Step 1

    The surgeon will harvest some hair follicles from the patient’s scalps and take them to the laboratory

    Step 2

    The hair follicles are well-taken care of until they re-create multiple stem cells

    Step 3

    The hairs are then taken out of the laboratory after 3 weeks and then transplanted into the bald area. The hair is fixed into the holes made in the recipient region just like in the other hair transplant procedures

    Is stem cell therapy suitable for me?

    It is suitable for men and women, but mostly those who want to have better results in the shortest period of time

    Those who may not want to feel pressurized with FUT and FUE can also go in for this treatment


    Benefits of this procedure

    • It produces more hair in a short time
    • Less recovery period
    • Minimally invasive
    • One can perform the procedure at any time; either in one sitting or more
    • It is safe and effective
    • Simple postoperative care.

    Stem Cell Therapy in India has provided another solution for eradicating hair loss. The procedure is performed by the leading hair surgeons in India in a well-equipped clinic. The experiments performed before this technique was introduced showed that more hair growth occurred in mice, which shows it is possible in humans.

    The patients who have had Stem Cell Therapy so far have reported good results and more hair growth after the procedure.

    This treatment stimulates the cells in the bald region to produce hair due to the fact that cells may die at times, get damaged or worn out which increases hair fall in an individual.

    Once the treatment is conducted, the cells are rejuvenated and begin to perform as they have to perform. It brings forth good quality hair that is strong and natural looking

    Hair Transplant in India and all other hair and cosmetic procedures are performed at the renowned hair transplant clinic in India. Use the best technique to live a life that is free from all types of hair fall.

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