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Thigh Lift Surgery, treatment, and Cost

A thigh lift surgery is performed to remove sagging and excessive fat found in the thighs. The high deposits of fat in this region are mainly due to aging and losing more weight. In other cases, a thigh lift is performed to give the thighs a toned appearance.


    Advantages of a thigh lift

    • Physical exercises may fail to shape the thighs which, make a thigh lift the last resort for having attractive thighs and appear younger
    • The surgery reduces fat and tightens the skin, hence reshaping the body
    • One will get a slender body

    Before the procedure

    • Consult a doctor/surgeon for evaluation
    • A surgeon will show and explain to you the different procedures that can be used
    • Avoid smoking and use of unwanted drugs
    • Always remember to follow the doctor’s advice
    • Avoid anti-inflammatory drugs


    Candidates for a thigh lift

    • Sagging skin on your thighs
    • A changed skin appearance due to aging or unexplained factor
    • Loss of skin elasticity

    Procedure of the surgery

    • It is an outpatient surgery
    • General anesthesia is given to a patient to make the procedure painless
    • Incisions are made depending on the patient’s desires, especially her clothing lifestyle
    • A patient must be ready to spend more hours in the theater in case the entire thigh and buttock must be lifted
    • A surgeon will have to make short and small incisions in case only the inner thighs are to be lifted.
    • Drainages for the liquid or blood are placed under the skin

    Recovery period and treatment

    1. For thigh lift treatment in India, a compression garment is used after the surgery to reduce swelling and to tighten the skin
    2. The results of the thigh lift can be witnessed right after the surgery
    3. Pain medications can be provided to relieve one from pain and discomfort for smaller thigh lifts
    4. For the case of larger thigh lifts, a patient may spend one or two nights at the clinic for further monitoring
    5. Swelling, redness, and bruising will be gone within one month
    6. In case of further complications, call your doctor
    7. Some patients may be advised to take at least 12 days from work depending on the type of surgery and complications expected


    Results after the procedure

    • The results can be seen right after the surgery as mentioned earlier. In case one took a photo of the thighs, a change is observed immediately
    • The scars that can be created during the surgery will reduce as the healing process continues and with time. Creams can be used to remove the scars in case they are highly recognized
    • There are permanent results once a thigh lift surgery is done and one can enjoy them for many years

    Thigh Lift Cost in India

    Just like any other cosmetic surgery, the cost of a thigh lift surgery revolves on factors like the clinic, surgeon, and treatment after the surgery. Having a thigh lift is India will cost you less than having the surgery from any other country. Consultation before the surgery is recommended

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