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Tummy Tuck Surgery, treatment, and Cost

Abdominoplasty surgery is performed on hundred of patients in India both local and foreign. It is a permanent way of achieving a body structure that anyone dreams of, especially when it comes to models and modern people. Once the surgery is perfectly done, one can enjoy the life as desired.


    What is a Tummy Tuck Surgery?

    It is a cosmetic surgery that aims at flattening the lower or middle abdomen. Through this, the unwanted fat and tissue is removed and the skin is made firm. Abdominoplasty surgeries are performed by surgeons using the latest technology in order to make the procedures safer and provide permanent results.


    Types of Abdominoplasty

    Abdominoplasty surgeries are a good weapon for eliminating excessive fat and tightening the fascia and muscles of the abdominal walls. To do this, it depends on the type of surgery that is right for a patient as explained below;

    A complete Abdominoplasty

    This type of Abdominoplasty surgery requires a surgeon to cut from one hip to another and a second incision is made to loosen the navel from the skin. Once the fascia and the muscles are exposed, the fat, tissue and the excessive skin are removed. Drainages in the form of tubes are placed inside and the wound sutured

    A Partial Abdominoplasty

    This type of surgery is mainly performed if the fat to be removed is located below the navel. Smaller incisions are made and the body is sutured back in place.

    Other procedures like an extended abdominoplasty and a combined surgery where more than one surgery is performed are also performed

    Candidates for Tummy Tuck Surgery

    • Has the fat failed to go away after more exercise and diet, then a tummy tuck surgery is right for you
    • Women have failed to get rid of sagging bellies after childbirth and excessive weight loss
    • A woman who may want to have children in the near future must think twice before going in for a tummy tuck surgery since the pregnancy can tear loosen the muscles

    Before a tummy tuck surgery

    A man or a woman must choose a clinic and a surgeon to be well conversant with the type of surgery best for him or her and what is necessary. These surgeries are associated with complications and infections that may affect the patient in the future. Good postoperative care and treatment must be taken after the surgery

    One must be healthy before the surgery and must be having proper diets. Avoid smoking and drug usage (drug abuse) before the surgery

    Tummy Tuck Cost in India

    The cost of a tummy tuck surgery differs from one cosmetic clinic to another. The average cost stands to be 2020 dollars, but this can reduce or decrease depending on what a patient requires during and after the surgery. The cost of anesthesia, the garment after the surgery, and the type of the surgery matters


    With the advancement in technology, tummy tuck surgeries have proved to be a necessity in some people’s lives. With the elimination of sagging tummies, many women are living a better lifestyle and happy with the results. The cosmetic surgeries have helped millions keep their bodies in shape.


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