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Various latest Instruments are used for Hair Transplant

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Various latest Instruments are used for Hair Transplant

  1. Harris instrument: – This instrument is very efficiently used when FUE hair transplant technique is applied. The strokes made by Harris instruments are much sharpened. It helps in draw out the follicle hairs very efficiently and accurately.
  2. Stereomicroscopes instrument: – This instrument is used for magnifying the roots so that it can be visible and empowers the roots under the enlargement of approximately 6 to 10 x.
  3. Optivisors instrument: – These instruments are the eye-glass type that is particularly designed to have enlarged vision. It provides the invincible quality of vision that is sufficient for required magnification.
  4. Cole Instrument:There are various customized products with latest techniques and high quality of products. Various surgerical products instruments in the market is available and one of the best instrument is Cole instrument. This instrument provides maximum possible good hair transplant results to the patients.
  5. Implanters: – By using this instrument it provides the proper suitable mould, shape and desolation to the root. Though we can also set the desires density of this during the hair transplant surgery treatment.
  6. Carl Zeiss Loupes: – This best instrument. Doctor can work for long time by using this instrument without any exhaustion. In these loupes has very high flexibility during the Hair Transplant Treatment.
  7. Focused LED Light :- These are the exclusive LED lights . With the use of these LED lights , it does not bear to increase the temperature of the operation theatre. It maintains the appropriate temperature of the theatre with full of coolness and equanimity.



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